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Yang Gu Punchbowl Ceremony 2010 file [206]

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Yang Gu 2011 - Airport Departure file [229]

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Yang Gu 2011 - Street Ceremony at Punchbowl Area file [174]

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SgtMaj, Mike Mervosh Met Brother at Punchbowl Area Ceremony file [858]

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USMC Korean War Veterans Visit with Yang Gu Mayor file [204]

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The Following U.S.Marines who participate in the Korean War during the period 1950 through July 1954. Arrived in Yang-Gu(Punchbowl) at June 16, 2011 1. Sgt. Maxwell, Robert Clarence 2. Cpl. JOHNSON, David Giorgi 3. Capt. Gearhart, John Frede...

1st Marine Division [926]

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Marine House [sysop] 2011/06/22 14:59 The Breed 1st Marine Division Association, Inc. “Southern California Chapter” “WE FEW, WE HAPPY FEW, WE BAND OF BROTHERS: FOR HE TODAY THAT SHEDS HIS BLOOD WITH ME SHALL BE MY BROTHER…” Henry V WWII*NO...

60th Anniversary Korea Trip - Newspaper Joong Ang Daily file [213]

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중앙일보 22일 가든그로브 고구려 식당에 모인 한국전 참전 미해병의집협회 회원들이 기념촬영을 하고 있다. 앞줄 가운데 앉아 있는 이가 박용주 회장, 박 회장 오른쪽이 윌리엄 그로니거 예비역 소장. "60년 만에 한국땅을 다시 밟게 되다니 꿈만 같습니다." ...

2009 Visit of Korean War Veterans to Korea Dr.Eugene H. Gregory [158]

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Dr.Eugene H. Gregory [genegregory] 2009/07/21 14:19 July 4, 2009 Mr. Chester Young Park, Chairman Marine House Association, U.S.A. 3850 Wilshire Blvd., #200 Los Angeles, CA 90010 Dear Mr. Park, I want to thank you sincerely for the role you ...

61st Annual USMC Korean War Veteran Lunch [21]

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MARINE HOUSE ASSOCIATION, USA KOREA 1950-1953 The 61st Annual USMC Korean War Veterans Lunch will be held 17 September 2011 at the South Mesa Club. Hosts are Yong, Chu Park. During this event individuals will recognized for their hard effort...

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