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The Breed
1st Marine Division Association, Inc.
“Southern California Chapter”


President:Marty Vasquez 760 757-6981 Chaplain: Bob Medina 619 427-1817
V. President:Olin Thompson 858 571-1745 Board: Paul Stephenson 760 434-2441
Secretary:Olin Thompson 858 571-1745 Board: Manny Mancillas 760 757-0668
Treasurer:Harry Mixer 760 724-6725 Board: Terry Cottrell 760 749-4538
L Officer: Ron Grover 760 414-1582 Board: Lewis Leach 760 758-7266
Membership:Dan Smith 949 369-9824 Sgt Arms: Jim Lee 760 744-1009

Upcoming Event: 1st Marine Division Band Cookout and Social
Place: George’s Place, Camp Margarita
Date: June 2011. Time: TBD
Mtg: 1100
Social: Cook out at 1200. Directions to the cookout. Call Marty Vasquez (760) 757-6981.

Date Day Time Event Location
23 July 2011 Saturday 1100-1700 Annual Beach BBQ San Onofre Beach
27 August 2011 Saturday 1600 Meeting/Social SNCO Club
17 September 2011 Saturday 1130 Marine House USA SNCO Club
22 October 2011 Saturday 1200-1600 Oktoberfest San Mateo 5th Marines
November 2011 Marine Corps Balls
December 2011 TBD Christmas Party

Special Notice!
If a “Dues Notice” is attached to your newsletter, you should renew membership for 2011 right away.
If you have questions call Membership Secretary, Dan Smith at (949) 369-9824.

Dues are:
Assn: $35, Chapter $10.
Active Duty: Assoc. $35, Chapter $5.
Checks made to: 1st Marine Division Association. Send to: Dan Smith, 109 Bay Drive, San Clemente, CA 92672.

President’s Message: Thanks to Colonel Michael Frazier and Sgt Major Michael Gonzales, Msgt Al Christenson for the support and the use of Fiddlers Green on our cook out with all the Marines that attended the event. Also, especially to Lt. Colonel Ellinger the Regiment XO for his briefing on the mission of the 11th Marine Regiment.

Chapter News:

Sick Call: Joe Perkins is recovery from surgery. He is at the VA Hospital at La Jolla.

ATTENTION KOREAN VETERANS: The 61st Anniversary Lunch honoring USMC Korean War Veterans will be held on 17 September 2011 at 1130, at the South Mesa Club Camp Pendleton by Yong Chu Park, Chairman of Marine House Association, USA. Please RSVP by June 15th to receive your individual recognition.

For more details on attending this event, the following contact information is provided.
Marine House Association, USA Oceanside, CA Orange County Los Angeles County
3850 Wilshire Blvd, #200 Marty Vasquez Chuck Wiley Tom Kelly
Los Angeles, CA 90010 (760) 757-6981 (714) 524-0078 (818) 884-5355
(213) 736-5291 chuckwiley32@att.net takellype@att.net

Our Annual Beach BBQ at San Onofre Beach. Saturday, 23 July 2011. Time: 1100 to 1700. We will be holding an auction. Directions to San Onofre Beach: Take I-5 to San Onofre Beach Road, turn on stop sign, then proceed to camping grounds, follow Beach access road about 2 ½ miles to camp ground.

President Marty Vasquez appointed Olin Thompson as a replacement for Ray Fitzhugh as Vice President. Olin Thompson accepted. The chapter will have an election at our next general meeting.

Once again, Corkie Lee and the ladies did an outstanding job preparing the food and serving line. Also, special thanks to members that contributed drinks and food for this event.

Our 50/50 was won by Captain Ron Grover.

Blue Diamond and Division News:

Retirement Ceremony Sgt Major Dixon 11 area Parade Grounds next to the Base Headquarters. Friday, 3 June 2011. Time: 1000. If planning to attend, call Marty Vasquez (760) 757-6981.

Retirement Ceremony of Colonel Francis Zaborowski on Thursday, 9 June 2011 at 1930 Evening Colors at 1st Marine Division Headquarters Bldg. 1133. Reception immediately following. Call Sgt Major Marty Vasquez by 2 June 2011 (760) 757-6981. Dress casual.

Retirement Ceremony and Post & Relief Sgt Major Gonzales 11th Marines Las Pulgas, Friday, 10 June 2011. Time: 1400. If planning to attend, call Marty Vasquez (760) 757-6981, Bob Medina (619) 427-1817, Harry Mixer (760) 724-6725.

Retirement Ceremony Sgt Major Douglas Smith, Monday, 20 June 2011. Time: 1000. If planning to attend call Marty Vasquez (760) 757-6981.

Award Ceremony Division for Marine and Corpsman of the Quarter at Division CP 2nd floor conference room Tuesday, 21 June 2011 at 0700.

1st Marine Division Change of Command Ceremony Thursday, 30 June 2011. Time: TBD. Major General Michael R. Regner will relinquish command to Major General Baily at 1st Marine Division Parade Deck..
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