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The Following U.S.Marines who participated in the Korean War during
the period of  September 1950 through July 1954. 
Will be making a return visit June16th through June 28, 2009
                  1)  Maj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer (USMC Ret.)   
                  2)      Gy.Sgt. Charles  Bergin (USMC Ret. )
                  3)   Sgt. Eugene Gregory, Ph.D (USMC Dis.)
            4)      Sgt.Maj. Raymond Fitzhugh (USMC Ret.)
            5)      S.Sgt. Donald F. MacDermott (USMC Ret.)
            6)   Sgt.Maj. Louise Pitchler (USMC Ret.)

                Chester Yong Park /    Chairman of Marine House, USA

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