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Reception / Luncheon

For Marine veterans of the Korean War

   Purpose:  61 year anniversary for the Incheon Landing Operation with Korean War & Service Veterans.

   Place                :   Staff N.C.O Club at Camp Pendleton, CA

   Address           :   202850 San Jacinto Rd.  Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5020

   Date & Time   :   Saturday, September 17th, 2011         11:30 A.M.   thru    3:30 P.M.

   Lunch              :   Free for Member & Spouse,              $20.00 / Person  per Guest


Will be attending from Active Duty USMC

     *  LtGen Thomas D. Waldhauser, COMMANDER, USMARCENT

                                                             COMMANDING GENERAL, 1 MEF

    *  MajGen Anthony L. Jackson, COMMANDING GENERAL,

                                                          MARINE CORPS INSTALLATIONS

    *  MajGen Ronald L. Bailey, COMMANDING GENERAL

                                                    1ST MARINE DIVISION


Will be attending from Active Duty ROKMC

    *  BrigGen Byung-Hoon Jun, MARINE EXCUTIVE ASSISTANT

                                                     ROKN HEADQUARTERS


Will be attending from Korean Consulate General Consul 

  • General Counsel , Shin, Yeon Sung 

Will be attending from Marine House USA, Korea Branch

      *  Yoo, In-Ok, President of Marine House Korea Branch


Will be attending from  Mayor of Oceanside, CA

  • Honorable Mayor, Jim Wood

Will be attending from USMC Veterans

  • Maj.Gen. Robert E. Haebel ( Ret.)
  • Maj.Gen. James J. McMonagle( Ret.)
  • Maj.Gen. William C. Groeniger, III (Ret.)
  • Korean War Veterans & Service  

Dress Code

  • Military :  Uniform
  • Civilian  : Casual

Remarks         :  Don’t forget to bring your ID  card & Invitation Letter(this Letter)


R.S.V.P  :          Please Call to  South                   : 760-757-6981, Sgt/Maj. Martin Vasquez (USMC Ret.)

                          Orange County   :  714-524-0078, Sgt. Charles Wiley (USMC Ret.)

                                       Los Angeles      :  661-251-7564 Tom Whetzel (USMC Ret.)    

                                       Korean              :  213-247-6789, Sam Kang (ROKMC Dis.)




                                                                                                Col.  Jim Napier (USMC Ret.)

West President

            Marine House Association, US




Marine House Association, U.S.A.

3850 Wilshire Blvd. #200                                                     

Los Angeles, Ca. 90010                                                       Participate : Yes_____No______Number_______



Name:  ______________________________________  



Address: _____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

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